Children's Health & Development Summit
There's never a better time to invest in your children then now!  Join our Children's Health and Development summit June 23-27, 2024 and gain exclusive access to never before seen material to help your child grow both physically and mentally. This summit is suitable for parents with children ages 0-18. 
Please note that the summit has started! Each email goes out at 12:01am PST. If you still would like to join, you will receive the following days presentations.  
About Barbara
Barbara O'Neill is a World renowned health coach and educator. Her focus is on God's natural remedies and principles that aid the body to restore itself. She follows the simple "8 laws of health" principles; STRENGTH - Sun, Temperance, Rest, Exercise, Nutrition, Good air, Trust and H2O.

Barbara proudly raise eight children. Her health journey first started with her first child having a chronic ear ache. After many rounds of conventional anti-biotic treatments and no success, Barbara ventured out to more original medicine that opened a world of healing to her!

After founding and running Misty Mountain Health Retreat, located in Australia (her home country), Barbara has since retired and spends her time giving health presentations around the world. Through her talks and famous book Self Heal by Design she has become a health inspiration to many around the world! 
About Scott
Author, teacher and speaker, Scott Ritsema has a strong desire to help children thrive. As a homeschool dad and veteran classroom teacher, education is an key part of Scott's published work. He has a passion to help us all help our children grow into strong and powerful members of society. Scott has had the privilege to conduct deep research on the history of the schooling system and the most effective methods of parenting and educating our young people. Comparing his findings with the Bible, he has compiled outstanding incite on God's desire method of education vs. modern-day practices. 

He spent over a decade in the classroom seeing media addictions capture the lives of young people, which led him to begin speaking about the dangers and effects of media on spiritual, social, and mental well-being.

Scott and his wife Cami live in the country, enjoy gardening, and homeschool their three children following God's blueprint.
About Ron
Ron Meinhardt is a dedicated healthcare professional with a background in nursing and public policy. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and has pursued graduate studies in health and public policy, deepening his understanding of healthcare systems and the absolute importance of promoting healthy lifestyles.

With a passion for education and advocacy, Ron is a seasoned speaker, sharing his expertise on various health-related topics at conferences, seminars, and community events. He is known for his dynamic presentations and ability to engage audiences of all backgrounds.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Ron is a devoted husband and father of six children. He values family time and strives to create a healthy and nurturing environment for his loved ones. Through his work and personal life, Ron is committed to promoting health and well-being in both individuals and communities.

Once you've registered to attend, on June 23 at 12am PST you will be emailed a link with the videos for that day. You will have 24 hours to watch all the videos of Day 1 before they expire. On the 24th you will get another link with Day 2's video and so forth until the summit is over. Day 5 is a catch up day so if you missed some of the videos you are able to have access to the entire summit for an extra 24 hours. On Day 5 you will also get access to an exclusive offer to buy the entire summit plus additional material at a discounted rate!  

Live Q&A: For those who choose to participate in the live Q&As, on Day 5 at the scheduled time, you will be sent a link to a zoom meeting where Scott and Ron will answer your questions. Questions must be submitted ahead of time via email to [email protected] with the subject line "Child Summit Question". If you have a question for a specific presenter please note that as well.  Questions will be read out and responded to by the presenter. We will get through as many questions as possible. Don't miss the opportunity to have your questions answered live!
Registration: Free
Q&A with Scott $25.00
Q&A with Ron $25.00
Date & Time
Summit: June 23, 2024,
to June 27, 2024
Live Q&A with Ron:
June 27th @ 10:00am PST
Live Q&A with Scott:
June 27th @ 2:00pm PST
Live Q&A with Barbara:
July 2nd @ 1:00pm PST
Get your Free Gift 
We are offering a special gift to all those who join a live Q&A session. Each participant will receive a physical* copy of the Amazing Health Magazine valued at $12.50. The magazine goes in depth on the 8 laws of health, featuring talented writers who bring you valuable information on how you can incorporate these wonderful principles into your life! Many people say that there is no manual on how to run our bodies or navigate our mental health, but this isn't true! All we need to do is to ask the One who created our bodies. He has given us the manual to make our bodies run at optimum and maintain health in stressful and tough situations. Get your copy of your bodies user manual in the Amazing Health Magazine by joining one (or both) of the live Q&A sessions!

*for those outside of North America, you will receive a digital flipbook version of the magazine.
What You'll Learn
Barbara O'neill
Child Development
 What are the secrets to raising happy, healthy, confident children? In this 4-part series, Barbara O’Neill takes the mystery out of natural health for children. Get straight-forward answers on the effects of the marriage relationship on children’s health, discipline strategies, nutrition, and dealing with health crises. As with just about every aspect of child-rearing, numerous theories exist on when children should be introduced to solid foods. What’s the best food to start baby on and how do you know your child is ready for solids? Can a plant-based diet adequately provide for the needs of growing children? All these questions answered and more in this never seen before series!  A must-watch for anyone raising or going to raise children!
Scott Ritsema
The School System & Media
Education is undoubtedly important. We all want our children growing up in good schools and learning valuable lessons for their adult lives. However, there are some troubling statistics about the American school system. Scott Ritsema will look into the history of the American school system. Where did we adopt our educational system from? What are the true motives of educators and movement leaders? Our literacy rates are dropping. Our comprehension of complex ideas is waning. Learn how we got here and whether our current model of learning is really the best one for our children.

In the second half the the summit Scott Ritsema will address the affects of media & music on minds of all ages. How does media consumption affect us spiritually? Is there a spirituality to music? What are the affect on our brain? Are there long-term effects of TV and screen time? Learn how overstimulation of the brain greatly impacts long-term learning and thinking.  Are we unknowingly educating our children in values that we do not stand for by allowing music and media consumption of the modern times? The Bible calls us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds because salvation is an issue of the mind. If we are filling our mind with negative material could our salvation be at stake? This presentation will profoundly change your thinking about entertainment for yourself and especially for your children.
Preventive Parenting
Information coming soon. 
Ron & Hannah
KidsTalk Health
Get your kids involved in this summit! KidsTalk Health is a eight part series designed to teach children about the eight laws of health. Each segment is about five minutes long and is presented in an engaging way for children ages 4+ to understand and enjoy. Exclusive to this summit, don't miss the opportunity to teach your children, in a way they will understand, how to help their body be strong and healthy! Topics covered are Sunlight, Temperance, Rest, Exercise, Nutrition, Good air, Trust and H2O.
Key Takeaways 
Nutrition, REMEDIES & Rearing
Child nutrition, discipline and remedies.  How to handle emergencies. The effects of parental relationships on child development. Healthful principles for the family to keep everyone at optimal. 
Schooling & Education
What makes up the school system, who created it and why. What are the core teachings and values of the school system and how will it impact my child. What is the best method to teach my child. 
Media and Music
The effects of media on the brain of developing children. How much screen time is good. Should my teenagers be able to listen to any songs they like. Spirituality in modern day music and the religion behind.
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Day 1
Happy Marriages 
by Barbara O'Neill 
Schooled Part 1 
by Scott Ritsema
In the Light of Temperance
by Ron Meinhardt
KidsTalk Health Episodes 1&2
Day 2
Child Discipline
by Barbara O'Neill
Schooled Part 2
by Scott Ritsema
Health Report Card
by Ron Meinhardt
KidsTalk Health Episodes 3&4

Day 3
Child Nutrition 
by Barbara O'Neill
Conformed or Transformed 
by Scott Ritsema
Trust Gut Feelings?  
by Ron Meinhardt
KidsTalk Health Episodes 5&6
Day 4
How to Deal with Childhood Illnesses
by Barbara O'Neill
The Spirit of the Music Industry
by Scott Ritsema
Dare to be a Daniel
by Ron Meinhardt
KidsTalk Health 
Episodes 7&8
Day 5
Q&A with Scott @ 2pm PST
Q&A with Ron @ 10am PST
24 hours of bonus time to watch what you missed!
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